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Java Introduction

What is Java?

Imagine you have a recipe book (Java) that tells you how to make different types of delicious food items (applications). You follow the step-by-step instructions (write code) provided in the book and use various ingredients (Java features) to bake your cake (create your application).


Our Java programming tutorial is designed to help beginners and professionals.


Java is a type of computer language that helps programmers create software and applications. It's known for being strong, easy to use, and keeps things secure.

Now, the cool thing about Java is that it's not just a language. It also comes with a bunch of special tools that help software run on different types of computers and devices. So, we call Java a "platform" because it's not just a language, it also has the JRE and API.

Back in 1995, a group at Sun Microsystems, which is now part of Oracle, made Java. They called it Oak at first, but then changed it to Java because there was already a company called Oak.


  1. Desktop Apps: These are programs on your computer, like ones for reading files, watching videos, or keeping your computer safe.
  2. Websites: Java helps make websites work, like the ones for booking train tickets or learning programming.
  3. Big Business Apps: Companies use Java to run important things like managing bank accounts and money.
  4. Mobile Apps: Many apps on your phone or tablet are made using Java.
  5. Little Devices: Like a coffee maker or a smart thermostat, some small things use Java to work.
  6. Smart Cards: Some cards have a little computer inside them, and Java helps make them work.
  7. Robots: Java helps make robots do things and move around.
  8. Games: Lots of fun games on computers or phones are made using Java.

Java is incredibly versatile and can be found in a wide range of devices and applications that we use in our daily lives.